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Are you a company whose front line client facing staff are critical to your service delivery, yet you have no idea whether they are doing a good job and meeting the clients expectations.  Well now there is a solution to this problem.  By using FeedBackExpert you can be sure what level of service they are providing.  Through a simple interface you can capture 1,000’s of touch-points per day that you would previously not have had access to.  From this information you can follow up immediately on clients whose experience has been less than satisfactory.  You can also reward the higher performing front line staff and identify those who may need additional training to bring them to the level your company expects.
With FeedBackExpert you also have the ability to follow up routinely with clients to obtain additional KPI metrics with the ability to link their feedback direct to your website for real time statistics.
Examples of types of clients:
  • IT Support Company

Are you an IT Company who have engineers regularly visiting clients to service computers or attend to helpdesk calls.  Do you know which clients are happy with your service and which are not?  Do you know which engineers are your higher performing so you can reward them accordingly.  Do you want to know what type of works your engineers spend most of their time on whilst capturing their time entries as well.  If the answer to these questions is yes then you need FeedBackExpert.

  • Cable TV Company
Are you a cable or sattelite TV company who has hundreds if not thousands of engineers visiting homes to install or repair  your TV services.  Do you know which engineers are really keeping your paying customers happy.  Do you know which customers are unhappy with the installation they have just had?  Do you follow up regularly to find out which customers may be thinking of changing providers.   If the answer to these questions is yes then you need FeedBackExpert.
  • Food Delivery Company
Are you a company who has hundreds of moped or bike riders delivering orders to customers who are expecting an on-time experience.  Do you know which of your delivery staff are doing a great job and going that extra mile to ensure a customer is happy?  Do you know which deliveries the customer was not happy with so you can immediately follow up to convert that poor experience into a positive one?  Do you have a league table of delivery staff to show who in the team is top performer so you can reward them accordingly?   If the answer to these questions is yes then you need FeedBackExpert.
  • Utilities Company
Are you a gas, water or electric company who has 1,000’s of qualified professionals ensuring the safety of your supply and the happiness of your customers?  Do you know which engineers arrived on time or which completed the job to the customers satisfaction?  Do you know which is your best performing engineer or which ones may need more training?  Do you know how long each visit takes?   If the answer to these questions is yes then you need FeedBackExpert.